Care and Maintenance

How often should I clean my fountain?

Fountains should be cleaned at least once a month. Drain the fountain and wipe all of the surfaces with a sponge or soft cloth. In some conditions such as with frequent visits from birds or sandstorms, more frequent cleanings are necessary.

Do I need to do something to prevent mosquitoes?

Running the fountain helps to control mosquitoes. We also carry a product that inhibits mosquitoes in water.

Is it better to keep my fountain running continuously?

We recommend that you only run your fountain when you are home since gusty winds can blow water out of your fountain leaving no water to protect your pump.

Should I treat the water in my fountain?

We recommend two water products for your fountain: one to help control algae and one to minimize the scale build up on your fountain.

Set Up and Delivery

Do you deliver?

We deliver in the greater metro Phoenix area.

Where does the pump cord go?

Pump cords go out the bottom of fountains or comes out the back of the fountain, depending on the style of the fountain. Both help to keep the cords concealed.

Is it better to put my fountain on concrete or dirt?

Determining if a fountain should be placed on soil or a hard surface depends on the type and size of your fountain. Most fountains can be set on either. Some large pedestal fountains will require a poured concrete foundation.

Do fountains splash?

All fountains splash to some degree. We recommend that you visit our store to get a better idea of how much the fountain you like will splash.

How much does it cost to deliver a fountain?

The cost to deliver a fountain is determined by the size of the fountain, how many men it will take, the distance we travel to the delivery, and any special requirement (such as use of a fork lift or crane). Most range from $40 to $300.

What does delivery and set up mean?

Delivery and set up means that we bring your fountain to you and we assemble the fountain, fill the fountain with water, and plug it into the closest electrical source. We are not licensed electricians nor plumbers therefore we do not install electricity or run waterlines.

Can I pick up a fountain myself?

Fountains may be picked up from our store. When you come to pick up your fountain we will load it for you and explain how to set it up.


General Product Information

How much electricity does a pump use?

Most pumps use the same amount of electricity as a 60 watt light bulb.

How much water does a fountain use?

Water consumption varies greatly depending on the outdoor temperature, location of fountain, style of fountain, and wind conditions.

What are your fountains made of?

We carry fountains made of concrete, copper, resin, and/or aluminum .

What is the difference between a stone cast fountain and a cantera rock fountain?

Stone cast fountains are made from concrete poured into a mold while cantera is a soft stone that is carved or chiseled into a shape.

How long does a pump last?

Most pumps last 2 to 5 years.

How long does it take for a fountain to come in once ordered?

Fountains that are specially ordered normally take 8-12 weeks. The time could be shorter depending on the time of year and the manufacture.

Where are your fountains made?

Our fountains are made in the USA.

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